PURPOSE - The Internal Monitoring Team, appointed by the president and consisting of key OCCC staff external to the project, evaluates the implementation efforts of the Title III Project Director/Activity Director, staff, and faculty working on Title III implementation.  The evaluation plan allows for continuous feedback and identification of unanticipated outcomes in a timely manner so that staff may make appropriate adjustments and modifications, ensuring continued and increased project success, and overall goal attainment.

Team Members:

Mr. Greg Gardner, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ms. Kim Jameson, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Janet Perry, Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Glenne’ Whisenhunt, Director of Center for Learning and Teaching

Dr. Jeremy Thomas, Vice President for Enrollment Services and Student Services

Ms. Amanda Williams-Mize, Registrar, Records and Graduation Services



PURPOSE - The classroom redesign committee was formed as part of OCCC’s Title III grant to assist in refining a vision for OCCC teaching and learning spaces. 

Chair: Dr. Glenne’ Whisenhunt CLT

Committee Members:

Tom Ashby IT
Bruce Cook SS
Angela Cotner EH
Jeremy Fineman ARTS
Al Heitkamper IT
Carol Heitkamper HP
John Helton IT
Darby Johnsen ARTS
Julian Hillard CBS
Kim Jameson EH
Catherine Kinyon AA
Lisa Mason-Adkins BUS
John McMurray CBS
Mathew Price BUS
Glenda Prince TITLE III
Dean Reusser EH
Todd Rudat SSS
Matthew Schroyer CLT
Fonda Scott HP
Martha Constant FM
Joe Swalwell TITLE III
Tad Thurston MEPS
Tim Whisenhunt IITS