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Text Books / Curriculum

Text Books

Oklahoma Legislature passed a law that states when purchasing text books we should purchase from publishers that make an electronic format (e-text) available as well as print. Other states have more stringent requirements.

E-text enables the student to use assistive/adaptive equipment to "read" the book.

Please recommend the purchase of textbooks from publishers who can assure e-text for students to purchase as well as the print version.

Curriculum Review

Use the curriculum review process to identify essential elements of a course. If determined "essential" then a student with or without an accommodation must be able to perform that element or the student be "otherwise qualified."

By proactively defining what is essential to a course of program of study, in content and procedure, and accommodating nonessential elements, the principles of academic freedom are preserved without impinging on the basic civil rights of students with disabilities.

If you can imagine a situation where the College would waive a course requirement, as for an athlete on some campuses, then it is probably NOT an essential element. Speediness seldom stands up when examined under Section 504 and the ADA, as an essential course or exam element.