Kevin Eddings Kevin Eddings
Director of Student Support Services
405-682-1611, ext 7388
Lathonya Shivers Lathonya Shivers
Director of TRiO Programs
405-682-1611, ext 7620
Lance Overdorff Lance Overdorff
Administrative Assistant of Student Support Services
405-682-1611, ext 7434
Todd Rudat Todd Rudat
Coordinator of Disability Services
405-682-1611, ext 7698
Janis Armstrong Janis Armstrong
Coordinator of Veteran’s Services
405-682-1611, ext 7527
Brian Brown Brian Brown
Interpreter and Student Advisor
405-682-1611, ext 7768
Jenna Howard Jenna Howard
405-682-1611, ext 7621
Janey Wheeler Janey Wheeler
405-682-1611, ext 7131
Jennifer Berg-Williams Jennifer Berg-Williams
Disability Services Assistant