Responsibilities of Students and SSS

Responsibilities of Students

It is the responsibility of the faculty to work in conjunction with Student Support Services in providing approved accommodations and support services, in a fair and timely manner. Students should initiate a meeting to discuss the accommodations.

  • Voluntarily self -disclose a disability to the Student Support Services.
  • Present accommodation notification letters from Student Support Services to faculty. These should be presented on or before the first week of class. Should a student self-disclose a disability during the semester, present the letter as soon as the accommodation has been approved to the faculty member.
  • Behave appropriately as outlined by the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Demonstrate mastery of course material at the same level as other students, although it may be demonstrated in a different manner.

Responsibilities of Disability Office to Represent the College by:

  • Accepting and maintaining confidentiality of documentation verifying a disability.
  • Evaluating the documentation and determine the accommodation.
  • Being available to students and faculty to answer questions to assess and reassess with student and faculty input, when necessary, accommodations that do not fundamentally alter essential academic components.