Faculty Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the faculty to work in conjunction with Student Support Services in providing approved accommodations and support services, in a fair and timely manner. Students should initiate a meeting to discuss the accommodations.

  • Include an accommodation statement on every syllabus and read aloud to students during the first week of class. (follow this link for a copy of the current syllabus statement
  • Review your class rosters each semester on Self Service and identify students with approved accommodations.  
  • Discuss with the student the accommodations or arrangements approved by the Coordinator of Disability Services and how they will be implemented in your class.  Keep in mind not all accommodations will apply in all classes and a student may not wish to utilize some or any of their accommodations in your class.

  • Contact the Coordinator of Disability Services if you have any concerns about the requested accommodations. The student's documentation is considered a medical record and therefore does not qualify to be part of the student's records and is not subject to faculty inspection.

  • Provide the accommodations either personally or by making arrangements with the SSS office.

  • Assuring the confidentiality of any information relating to a student and a disability. At no time should the class be informed that a student does have a disability.

  • Shred all documents after the student is either no longer in your class or the session is completed.

  • Ensure that the student with a disability is held accountable for the mastery of material as all students; although it may be demonstrated in a different manner.

  • Ensure testing will occur in an appropriate manner. If the test will be administered in a location other than the classroom, ensure all directions are communicated to the test administrator. Coordinate test delivery and return with the test administrator.

    Testing Procedures
  • Complete and return any accommodation follow up inquiry.

  • Complete captioning instructional form on-line when needed.