Deaf and Hard of Hearing Documentation Guidelines

Note : Guidelines are to assist the Student Support Services in collaborating with each student to determine appropriate accommodations. Documentation serves as a foundation for appropriate accommodations. The Student Support Services reserves the right to deny services or accommodations while receipt of appropriate documentation is pending. A student's Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) alone is not sufficient documentation.

  • Must be completed by a qualified professional. (Qualified professionals include: a certified audiologist or physician with appropriate specialty).

  • Should be prepared on letterhead paper from diagnosing professional (Licensure information, address and phone number need to be included).

  • Reasonably Current: The age of acceptable documentation is dependent upon the condition, the current status of the student, and the student's request for accommodations.

  • A statement regarding the use of hearing aids, their benefits and limitations on hearing (if appropriate).

  • A summary to explain functional impact for an academic setting.

  • Include any information you have on co-existing conditions such as learning disability, testing, and intellectual functioning.