Registering with Disability Services

  • Complete the Student Disclosure Form

    The first step in the process is to disclose your disability to the Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) Student Support Services office. This is done by completing the online form.  If you need assistance in filling out this form, come to the Student Support Services office for that assistance.  This information is kept completely confidential by the Student Support Services office.  It does not become a part of your academic record nor will it ever be shared with faculty or staff of the college without your written permission.   

  • Schedule an Appointment with Student Support Services

    Completing the online form DOES NOT automatically give you accommodations or get you an appointment. YOU THE STUDENT are responsible for contacting the Student Support Services office at 405-682-7520 to schedule an appointment to discuss your accommodation needs and establish approved accommodations you will then be able to utilize in your classes. Due to the high volume of students accessing the Student Support Services office, students should NOT expect to be able to walk-in for services. This is why it is necessary for you to schedule an appointment ahead of time. Again, call the office at 405-682-7520 to schedule an appointment or stop by the office to schedule one in person.

  • Provide Appropriate Documentation for Your Disability

    When you meet with Student Support Services Disability Services staff, you will need to provide them with documentation of your disabilities at that time.  Please review OCCC’s Documentation Guidelines. If you cannot obtain documentation prior to your scheduled appointment, you should still come to your appointment and options will be discussed about obtaining your documentation at that meeting. 

  • Meet with Student Support Services Disability Services Staff to Discuss Accommodation Needs

    At your scheduled appointment date and time, you will meet with Disability Services staff in the Student Support Services office.  At this meeting you will discuss your rights, how the accommodations process works at OCCC, what accommodations (if any) you may need, and the policies related to those particular accommodations.  Time will also be spent reviewing additional resources available to students on campus and online that may be beneficial.

  • Discuss Your Approved Accommodations with Each of Your Instructors Each Semester

    If accommodations are approved by Student Support Services after meeting with Disability Services staff, the student will need to discuss those approved accommodations with each of their instructors each semester in order to receive the desired accommodations for those classes. If a student does not discuss their accommodations with their instructor, the instructor will operate upon the assumption that the accommodation is not required in their class. You, the student, must communicate your need for accommodation with each of your instructors each and every semester, nothing will happen automatically.