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Student Support Services provide assistance to students and faculty members. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns or ideas to improve those services. If you are interested in serving on a Student Support Committee contact: Lisa Fisher, PhD, Director Ext. 7471.

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To make a referral to the Counselor:

  • Provide Counselor's information to the student:
     Counseling Services

For complete information about Counseling Services to assist students you are concerned about please refer to
Students in Distress

To obtain information regarding your required syllabus statement and other disability related issues refer to:

Faculty/Staff Information

Captioning Request Form (This is a form to request the captioning of videos)

Disability Services

You can report concerns about a student's progress by logging into the MineOnline Faculty Menu. Near the bottom of the left column, there is a link called "Contribute Retention Info." This link will take you to a form where you can submit information regarding attendance concerns, academic concerns, life issues, behavior, or CARE (harm to self or others). Please use objective language in describing the problem as referrals become a part of the student's record.

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