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General Information

Required Text:

Staley, Constance. FOCUS on Community College Success. 4th ed. Boston: Cengage Learning, 2016.

Required Materials:

You will need a three-ring binder with looseleaf notebook paper and blue or black ink pens.

Course Description:

Students will learn best practices for academic, career, and personal success.  Students will discover their individual strengths, interests, and values to create a personalized plan; select and utilize resources that are applicable to their growth and success; and engage as active and responsible members of the academic community. This course should be taken during a student's first semester of college work at Oklahoma City Community College and is a required course in degree plans to satisfy the Life Skills requirement.

The curriculum is arranged into the following five units of study:

  • Unit One: Get Your Bearings
  • Unit Two: Explore Your Strengths
  • Unit Three: Take Charge of Your Adventure
  • Unit Four: Plan Your Journey
  • Unit Five: Commit to Your Future