Schedule Terminology

Across the top of each page in this schedule, you will find a series of abbreviations. These abbreviations are defined below:

SECT (Section)

This number is assigned and used by the college for record-keeping purposes.

WK (Week)

This two-digit number indicates the length of the class (example: 16 for 16–week classes, 5 for 5–week classes, etc.).


This is when a class begins and ends on a given day.


These are the days of the week that a class meets, such as Monday (M), Tuesday (T), Wednesday (W), Thursday (TH), Friday (F), Saturday (S).


This is a building in the college where a class meets. They are:

  • Main Building (MB)
  • Arts and Humanities Center (AH)
  • Health Professions Center (HPC)
  • Health Professions (School of Nursing) (NC)
  • Library (LIBRARY)
  • Science, Engineering and Math (SEM)
  • Social Sciences Center (SSC)
  • Transportation Technology Center (TTC)
  • Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPA)

Campus maps are available at the front of this schedule.


This refers to the room number in a building where a class meets.


This is the person designated to teach the class.


Below these abbreviations you will find:

  • Title Name — The general field in which courses are offered, such as accounting, computer science, biology, etc.
  • Course Number — The combination of subject field abbreviation and four-digit number that uniquely identifies the course. The first digit of the number will be a 0 (for developmental courses), a 1 (for freshman level courses), or a 2 (for sophomore level courses).
  • Course Name — The title of the course.


 Campus maps are available at the front of this