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Coronavirus Update (COVID-19) OCCC will deliver all summer classes online. The OCCC Main Campus will reopen June 1. All other sites remain closed. Individuals entering the building will be required to wear a face mask. Most campus services are still available online. To view current hours for campus departments and services, visit 
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Classes That Fit Your Schedule

How do you want to take classes? You choose!

Check out all the different ways you can earn credit and your degree at Oklahoma City Community College.

16-Week Classes — Day & Evening

Hundreds of day and evening classes are available to fit your schedule, either full-time or part-time.

8-Week Classes — Day & Evening

Take a class in half the time. Begin at the start of the regular 16-week semester OR start mid-semester.

4-Week Classes — Online

Complete six hours one class at a time during the fall. Take a 4-week online class and immerse yourself in its content.

Block Classes

OCCC offers block classes to students who want to take a set of back-to-back courses with the same students.

(CLEP) College Level Examination Program

Oklahoma City Community College offers you the opportunity to take CLEP examinations in a number of subject areas. You can earn college credit when passing a CLEP examination. All examinations are taken online in the College’s Testing Center. There is a fee for each CLEP examination you take. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call Testing and Assessment Services at (405) 682-7531.

Fast-Track Classes

Complete a course in four to five weeks versus the traditional 16-week class. Attend class one day or evening a week. You can earn up to 9 credit hours in a 16-week semester.

Hybrid Classes

These courses contain elements of both online and traditional (in class) instruction. Material, instruction, assignments and/or assessments are online. Classes meet a reduced number of hours during the week for additional instruction, question and answer sessions and/or group work. Students enrolled in hybrid courses are expected to fully participate in both formats.

Intersession Classes

Take advantage of your time between semesters and earn up to 4 credit hours.

Off Campus Classes

Find a course to fit your schedule, offered at locations close to home or work.

Online Classes

Oklahoma City Community College offers online courses (computer based/Internet) which allow students the freedom from attending regularly scheduled course meeting times while still earning college credit. Online courses are similar to traditional, on campus courses in that they have a regular class schedule, assignment due dates, and the expectation of student interaction. Online courses differ from on campus courses in that the content is delivered to the student primarily in written form and most of the work is done via computer and the Internet. Students will receive course content through OCCC’s Learning Management System (LMS) which can be accessed from the College’s home page. Students will be able to access their course content the 1st day of the class session. Students may be required to complete an online orientation and/or attend an on-campus orientation with the instructor. Some instructors require on campus or proctored exams. Please check the course schedule for the section in which you are enrolling or contact the appropriate division office.

For further information, call the Center for Learning and Teaching at (405) 682-7838.

Partnerships and Cooperative Alliances

Oklahoma City Community College has established partnerships and cooperative alliances with a number of other institutions to provide special educational opportunities for you. These partnerships offer you many options in class selection and location.

The College has partnerships and Cooperative Alliances with:

  • The University of Oklahoma
  • The University of Central Oklahoma
  • Southeastern Oklahoma State University
  • The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
  • Redlands Community College
  • Francis Tuttle Technology Center
  • Moore Norman Technology Center
  • Metro Technology Center
  •  Mid-America Technology Center