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Oklahoma City Community College is closed March 17-24 for Spring Break. All offices will be closed, and classes are not in session. The college will reopen for normal business hours Monday, March 25. 

Schedule Terminology

Across the top of each page in this schedule, you will find a series of abbreviations. These abbreviations are defined below:

SECT (Section)

This number is assigned and used by the college for record-keeping purposes.

WK (Week)

This two-digit number indicates the length of the class (example: 16 for 16–week classes, 5 for 5–week classes, etc.).


This is when a class begins and ends on a given day.


These are the days of the week that a class meets, such as Monday (M), Tuesday (T), Wednesday (W), Thursday (TH), Friday (F), Saturday (S).


This is a building in the college where a class meets. They are:

  • Main Building (MB)
  • Arts and Humanities Center (AH)
  • Health Professions Center (HPC)
  • Health Professions (School of Nursing) (NC)
  • Library (LIBRARY)
  • Science, Engineering and Math (SEM)
  • Social Sciences Center (SSC)
  • Transportation Technology Center (TTC)
  • Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPA)

Campus maps are available at the front of this schedule.


This refers to the room number in a building where a class meets.


This is the person designated to teach the class.


Below these abbreviations you will find:

  • Title Name — The general field in which courses are offered, such as accounting, computer science, biology, etc.
  • Course Number — The combination of subject field abbreviation and four-digit number that uniquely identifies the course. The first digit of the number will be a 0 (for developmental courses), a 1 (for freshman level courses), or a 2 (for sophomore level courses).
  • Course Name — The title of the course.


 Campus maps are available at the front of this