Club Sports

Sport Clubs are registered student organizations assisted by the Recreation & Fitness office, formed by individuals motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a specific sport activity. The clubs exist to promote and develop skills, engage in competition, encourage peer leadership, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship of a specific sport. Generally, clubs are open to all individuals interested in a sport from novice to extremely skilled.


The Recreation & Fitness Sport Clubs provide currently enrolled students the opportunity to participate in a competitive sport club against other intercollegiate teams as a means to enhance their collegiate experience and provide a vehicle for a well-rounded education through physical, social, and leadership development.

Sport Clubs vs. Intramurals:

Clubs regularly participate in scheduled practices and employ part-time coaches. Intramurals are teams of students competing against other students within OCCC, while club teams compete against other schools across the Oklahoma City area. This differs from Intramurals which do not offer coaching or regular organized practices.


Men's Basketball

Men’s Club Basketball is an exciting, competitive alternative to the rigors and commitment of the varsity level. Students who are simply interested in staying in shape, meeting people in an active environment, or more specifically looking to continue their high school basketball career are all welcome. We provide a routine practice schedule that is rigorous enough to feel rewarding yet flexible enough for the modern student. Players of all levels will feel confident and included as we are all looking to improve our skills and have fun at the same time.



OCCC Club Soccer provides an opportunity for those who wish to play competitive soccer without having to join a varsity team. Practices are held Mondays through Thursdays both fall and spring semesters as long as the weather cooperates. We play games outdoors in the fall and spring against surrounding community colleges. Anyone can join regardless of skill level, though we do ask that those who join be committed to the club.


Flag Football

The purpose of the Flag Football Club is to promote amateur Flag football by offering students an opportunity to play organized, competitive level flag football. As the popular alternative to tackle football, flag football is a team sport consisting of seven players on each side. Instead of tackling, players must remove the flag belt of their opponent in order to end a play. Fast-paced and unorthodox, flag football challenges players to think outside the box.