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The Intramural Sports program at Oklahoma City Community College is dedicated to providing students, faculty, and staff with competitive and recreational activities. Through a variety of team sports and individual / dual events, the Intramural Sports program continues to provide a fun atmosphere and a positive experience to the college community.

The Intramural Sports office is located in the Recreation & Fitness office or visit the Wellness Center Desk for registration information.

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OCCC Intramural Registration\Online Activity Schedule Web Site

All intramural participants will be required to create an account on

To create an IMLeagues account: **Note** IMLeagues offers a live support button in the top right corner of all pages, please use this button if you encounter any difficulties.


For more information Contact:

Matthew Wright - Sports Assistant

405.682.1611 ext. 7684




Intramural Basketball LeagueSoccer ball net

Dates: Feb 7–Mar 14

Team Registration Deadline: Feb 6

Individual Registration Deadline: Feb 25

Intramural Floor Hockey

Dates: Feb 10–Mar 10

Team Registration Deadline: Feb 8

Individual Registration Deadline: Feb 24

Intramural 7v7 Soccer

Dates: Mar 28–May 2

Team Registration Deadline: Mar 26

Individual Registration Deadline: Apr 11

Intramural Kickball

Dates: Mar 24–Apr 21

Team Registration Deadline: Mar 23

Individual Registration Deadline: Apr 7

Intramural 4v4 Football

Dates: Mar 26–Apr 23

Team Registration Deadline: Mar 24

Individual Registration Deadline: Apr 9

Intramural Basketball Hotshots

3 Point Competition: Feb 13

Basketball Golf: Feb 20

Registration Deadline: Day of event