Active Kids

Spring 2015 Schedule

Tiny Tot Ballet Dancer

(Ages 3–6)

Learn the basics of classical ballet. This class will focus on beginning ballet positions for hands and feet, rhythm, balance, and positioning the body. Students will need ballet shoes.

Class Session Fee: $45


Saturdays - 9-9:50am - 6 week session.

Session 1: September  6 - October  11 
Session 2: October 18 - November 22


Kids Hip Hop Dancing Girls Jumping

(Ages 6–12)

This will be a fun, energetic class! Students will learn basic moves from various styles of hip hop, including: breaking, waving, freestyle, and others!

Students will need to wear flexible tennis shoes, jazz shoes, or socks.

Class Session Fee: $45


Saturdays - 10-10:50am - 6 week session.

Session 1: September 6–Oct 11 10–10:50
Session 2: October 18–Nov 22 10–10:50


Kids Irish Dancing Kids Dance

(Ages 6–12)

Learn the basics of Irish step dancing. This class will be focused on beginning Irish dance steps, rhythm, and the history of Irish dancing. Students will need to wear socks, ballet shoes, or jazz shoes.

Class Session Fee: $45


Saturdays - 11-11:50am - 6 week session.

Session 1: September 6 - October 11
Session 2: October 18 - November 22


(Ages 6 to Adult)

4–week course designed to introduce students to the basics of karate and basic self–defense. This class is a great way to relieve stress, get and stay in shape, and learn valuable self–defense skills.

This course blends a great physical workout with practical real–life self–defense techniques ideal for men and women. Meet new friends, get in to great shape and feel empowered. At the conclusion of the class sessions student will demonstrate the techniques learned for family and friends.

Class Session Fee: $80
Program Fee: $80 includes student uniform


Call the main office with participants uniform size after registering online.

Saturdays - 1pm-2:00pm 

Session 1: October 4-26
Session 2: November 1-22