Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I get a copy of my trasncript? How can I send it to another institution or a third party? 

Note: No transcript will be furnished to any person whose financial account with Oklahoma City Community College is not clear. 

Method What you will need... Cost
In Person OCCC Student ID card or a state Issued ID (up to 10 copies) Free
MineOnline requests

Students can submit their transcript request through their MineOnline account. 

MineOnline request take 3-5 business days to process (except during peak enrollment)

Credentials Solutions Electronic Transcripts

Students can request their transcript through their MineOnline account by selecting the Request Online Transcript. (Credit card is required)

Students can also access the form through the following link:

Prices start at $5.00 per transcript. 

How do I get a student ID and Parking Decal?

You must be currently enrolled in classes and have a valid photo ID. Your first ID is always free; however, if you need a replacement there will be a $10.00 charge.  If you have a student ID with the old format or a name change, your ID will be provided at no charge. To get your parking decal all you need is your license plate number. Parking Decals are free and you can get up to three. 

I am a transfer student and I need to turn in my official transcripts, where do I do that?

Official High School and College transcripts may be turned in at the Records Office. 

Transcripts should be mailed to:  Transcripts should be emailed to: 

Oklahoma City Commuity College

Attn: Records

7777 S. May Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73159

Remember that electronic transcripts MUST

come directly from the school or the provider. 

Will I be able to get a copy of my transcript from my previous institutions?

All credentials (high school transcripts and college transcripts) submitted to OCCC become the property of Oklahoma City Community College and a part of the student’s academic record. Original documents will not be returned, or released back to the student. Students wishing to obtain such documents must contact the original issuing institution.

How can I get proof of enrollment or an enrollment verification?

Complete a Student Verification Form at the Records Front Counter. Once completed, it will take 3-5 business days to process (except during peak enrollment). The types of letters that you can request are: proof of enrollment for insurance companies, hours enrolled, cost of attendance, acceptance letters, loan deferments, etc… Please be as detailed as possible when submitting the request in order to avoid further delays in processing. Certified Schedules are also available upon request and also work in lieu of proof of enrollment.  

What do I need to change my name?

To process a name change, please bring your Marriage License, Court Order, or your updated Driver License or State Issued ID with your legal name. 

How can I change my address?  

Address changes can be processed via your MineOnline Account or you can come in person and make the change with an address change form at the Records Front Counter. 

Can my parents have access to my account?

Not without your written consent regardless of age. If you would like to give your parents access to your academic or financial information, you will have to come to the Records Front Counter and get an Authorization to Release form. You will sign the form in person and add as many people as you please. You will also have the option of deciding what type of information you want them to have access to, as well as the time frame this authorization is valid. Just remember that even if you signed an authorization form to release information to your parent(s) or legal guardian, they will not be able to get that information over the phone and they will have to come to campus to access your information. They must have a photo ID with them. We will not release any information over the phone that is not Directory Information. FERPA

Can I block Directory Information?

Yes!  Go to the Records Front counter and sign the Request to Withhold Directory Information form. This request can be revoked at any time.

Where do I go for Academic Forgiveness?

Oklahoma City Community College offers students an opportunity to recover from previous academic problems which have resulted in a poor academic record. The three provisions for academic forgiveness are: 1) repeated courses, 2) academic reprieve, and 3) academic renewal. Although these options may result in an improved retention and graduation grade point average (GPA), the cumulative GPA will continue to include all coursework attempted, including “forgiven” coursework. You can submit your Academic Forgiveness form online

Where can I get a copy of my schedule?

The Records Front Counter can provide you with a copy of your schedule when you show your photo ID.  We can also provide you with an Official Schedule with the Registrar’s signature.

How do I get readmitted?

If you are going to enroll in classes, you can get readmitted at the the Office of Recruitment and Admissions, and fill out the application for admissions.

Where do I go if I am on suspension?

Students on academic probation not meeting the requirements of that probation will be suspended for the next regular (16-week) semester. After one semester of suspension, a student may petition to the Registrar for readmission. If upon readmission, academic standards are once again not met, the student will not be allowed to continue until retention GPA has been raised to institutional standards through coursework completed at another institution.  If you have been suspended you can go to the Records Front Counter to see if you meet the criteria to be readmitted. 

What is my Student ID#?

Your student ID number is the 7-digit number located on the back of your ID card. We are not be able to give you that number over the phone due to FERPA regulations.

If I have a hold on my account, would I be able to get a copy of my transcript?

You will only be able to obtain an unofficial transcript.  Once the hold has been removed, you will once again be able to obtain official transcripts.