Mission and Philosophy, and Program Goals

The mission of Oklahoma City Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program is to graduate successfully licensed physical therapist assistants who provide evidence-based ethical, legal and culturally competent care.  Graduates of this program will provide interventions within the physical therapist's plan of care to maximize the patients'/client's functional outcomes.  Our graduates are competent to meet the needs of the evolving and diverse healthcare environment in a variety of settings and are prepared to attain personal achievement and satisfaction through lifelong learning.

To achieve this mission, the program is based upon a balanced variety of quality educational and learning experiences. By successfully preparing students for employment as physical therapist assistants, additional benefits are gained for each student in the form of personal achievement and satisfaction, and for society in the form of positive contributions to people who face challenges.

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program's philosophy and purpose are consistent with the educational philosophy of the College and expands to include these values:

Physical Therapist Assistant Program Values

Innovation Integrity
Diversity Stewardship
Accountability Flexibility
Student and Graduate Success Ethical Practice
Community Development Quality Patient Care
PTA Community Development Communication
Professional Development  

Program Goals (Ends):

  1. Prepare compassionate, problem solving, reflective, and ethical practitioners.
  2. Engender the importance of learning as a lifelong process.
  3. Provide a comprehensive and contemporary learning experience to meet the needs of the Oklahoma physical therapy community and the increasingly global society.
  4. Produce successful graduates who will demonstrate competency in the Commission on Accreditation for Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) terminal competencies, pass the licensure examination, and proficiently enter the workforce.