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Sep 20 English Composition I Hybrid
Business Calculus I Hybrid
Child Development Courses Hybrids
Census Enrollment Overview
Course Success Overview
Retention of 16F Cohort
Feb 15 Fall 2016 Course Success Overview
Spring 2017 Census Date Enrollment Trends
Case Management Advising Using Targeted Predictive Modeling
Fall 2016 AtD Cohort Composition and Persistence


Sep 21 Course Success Overview Presentation - Fall 2016
Persistence and Retention of 15F cohort 9-21-16
Student Planning Presentation for CC
Title III Report September 21, 2016
Apr 20 Preventing Early Attrition - EAB Presentation
Feb 17 Enrollment Overview - Fall Course Success - Spring Persistence


Nov 18 2015 Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory Results
UCO's CORE Data Presentation
College Prep English II and English Composition I
Sep 23 Fall 2014 AtD Cohort Retention
OCCC Success Report and FY 2015 Highlights
Student Support Services and CPM II Partnership
Apr 8 Higher Learning Commission Requirements

Concurrent Student Analysis
Predictive Analytics Demo Enrollment Management Committee Strategic Plan
Feb 25 Fall 2014 AtD Cohort Composition and Persistence
Fall 2014 Enrollment Success
Microbiology Lab Manual & Atlas One-Year Innovation Grant


Sep 24
Fall 2014 Course Success and Enrollment

Fall 2013 AtD Cohort Retention

Cooperative Learning Capstone Projects Using iPads Innovation Grant
Apr 23 Improving 2000-Level Course Success
Tutor Training
Lean Six Sigma Black Belts
Online Courses
Help Probation-Suspension Students
Feb 12 Music Lab Innovation Grant
Course Success Update - Fall 2013
Composition and Persistence - Fall 2013


Nov 20 Online Project Team
College Student Inventory
2000-Level Course Success Team
Probation/Suspension Team
Sep 18 Headcount and Persistence
Course Success Updates
High School Performance Linked to College Success

Apr 25 Affinity Network Capstone I Affinity Network Capstone II OKC-GO! Course Enrollment OKC-GO! Composition, Persistence, Retention
Feb 19 Headcount and Persistence - Fall 2012
Course Success - Fall 2012


Sep 19 Data Overview I
AtD Cohort - Composition and Retention
Oct 10 Data Overview II
Supplemental Data Overview II
Oct 31 Data Overview III
Simultaneous Attendance at Other Schools
EMSI Data - All Occupations 2012
Five-Year Productivity - Metro Community Colleges 2012