Fundamentals of Project Management


Successful projects begin at the beginning.

Scope, Costs, Time: Project Management So should the project manager.

Course Description:

This course provides the foundational knowledge to get you started in project management and techniques you will employ throughout the life of your project. 

The course covers critical project management skills and provides you with the necessary tools to manage all phases of a project including initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing projects. The use of project management techniques such as developing a project charter, stakeholder identification, developing the scope of the project via a work breakdown structure (WBS), schedule development, team management and tracking projects will be covered. And the role of the successful project manager will be discussed. 

By the end of this course, you will have learned:

  • The reasons for and use of a structured approach to project management
  • How to lead project teams to success
  • To understand the project lifecycle and be knowledgeable on the phases of the project
  • To improve efficiencies via cost, quality and delivery
  • To kick off a project by defining the requirements, defining the scope, establishing a charter, and defining roles and responsibilities of the team
  • To estimate time, resources and cost requirements
  • To create communication and risk management plans
  • To use performance metrics
  • To manage change in a project
  • To recognize and mitigate failure of a project in its earliest stages
  • To impart project management knowledge to and processes to colleagues
  • To understand the critical role a project manager plays in project supervision

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