CNG Program

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Oklahoma City Community College currently offers an Oklahoma State Certification Course. Students train in the Alternative Energy Lab located in the Transportation Technology Building at Oklahoma City Community College. The college is located at 7777 South May Avenue in Oklahoma City just off of Interstates 44 and 240. Students are trained by certified instructors on current vehicles and systems.

Students will be instructed on all aspects of safety found in he NFPA 52 regulations manual, including requirements for the repair facility, and federal regulations .

Students will receive instruction through lectures, safety documentaries, the course book, hands-on activities, and testing to ensure that the student has mastered the material covered. Industry partners provide relevant cut-away parts and components that enhance instruction and student comprehension. Classroom and lab facility provide each student the opportunity to receive individual attention in a hands-on environment.

CNG Cylinder

Students will be provided with sample forms for completing required system and cylinder inspections.

Students will also receive instruction on leak detection, and pipe bending techniques. Requirements for all aspects of proper installation in regard to state and federal regulations will be emphasized. Students will be tested over their ability to make crucial measurements in determining whether system components comply with existing regulations.

CNG Injection System

All hands-on activities will be on current vehicles and systems. Students will be provided opportunities to demonstrate their abilities while working on either vehicles or "mock-ups"

Certifications for programs will only be issued after students have shown competency in both written , and hands-on testing.

Course Description:

Oklahoma State Certification Course:

The Oklahoma State Certification Course is a 4 day course for technicians who are well versed in electrical and engine performance systems. Students will receive training in an instructor based course with a hands-on application in the areas of Safety, Fuel Characteristics, System Description and Operation, Fuel Line Bending, System Diagnosis, System Inspections, and Regulations (NFPA 52). At the conclusion of this course, students are offered the opportunity to take the State Certification Test administered by the Oklahoma Department of Central Services.

Pre-requisites for Oklahoma State Certification Course:

The CNG program is for experienced automotive technicians with a state certification and a strong background in the following areas:

  • Engine Performance
  • Automotive Electrical Systems

The above areas are not taught during the CNG classes. Students should be well versed in reading electrical schematics, scan tool usage, understand engine management systems, and have basic computer skills prior to taking these classes. You must have documentation of the above prerequisites by showing proof of one of the following:

  • 1 year minimum work experience in an automotive shop working in the above indicated ASE areas.
  • ASE Certification in the above indicated areas (preferred)
  • Course Completion from a Certified Automotive Program in the above areas.

Cost of Tuition and Materials:

$550.00 for CNG Technician State Certification Training (effective February 1, 2014)

$50.00 for the NFPA 52 Regulations guidebook. Books will be available for purchase on the first day of class, or may be purchased at

The $50.00 exam fee and $50.00 license fee charged by the state is not covered in this price. This is optional for the course, but required for the state certification. 


 Application for Oklahoma Alternative Fuels Technician Exam 

Class schedules and online registration

Send questions to or call (405) 682 - 7562 during regular business hours