Rosario Andino - Pianist

Rosario Andino

A pianist in the "grand manner," Rosario Andino carries on the legacy of Anton and Nicholas Rubinstein, Ferruccio Busoni, Ignace Friedman, Emil Sauer, Leopold Godowsky, and Alexander Michailowsky, all of whom taught her distinguished teachers, Vera Maurina-Press and Jascha Fischermann.

Music is one of the highest forms of art, according to Rosario. She believes that when a person is born an artist, manages through unceasing hard work and good schooling to master an instrument, and firmly believes that doing justice to a work being performed is a matter of life or death, then that master-artist can touch, uplift, mesmerize, and exhilarate any audience anywhere.

Rosario Andino has won numerous awards, such as the coveted Music Critics Circle Prize, Cuba and the Pittsburgh Society of Musical Arts prize, USA. In 1991, Andino was chosen by the Missouri Arts Council for their Touring Program. Her concerts were so successful that the council nominated her to the Mid-America Arts Alliance Foundation. She was selected as the only pianist for Mid-America's roster.

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