What is my password and ID?

MineOnline use is for current students only.

  • Prospective students, will need to be admitted before you will be assigned a user-ID and password.
  • If it has been 18 months or longer since you have attended OCCC, your records may be deactivated. If you are unable to view your user-ID using the instructions below, call Records at 682-7512 to get your account reactivated.


Your User ID is usually set to:  firstname.middleinitial.lastname (example: john.a.doe).

If this User ID does not work, please try:  firstname.lastname (example: john.doe).

If you need assistance with your User Name or Password, please contact the Help Desk at 405-682-7777.


Your password is set to the last 6-digits of your social security number.

  • If you are an International student, you may be unaware that you have been assigned a temporary Social Security number starting with the numbers 999. Please call Records & Registration at 682-7511 to get this number. (The Records Department will have to verify who you are by asking you some personal questions). It will be the last 6-digits of this '999' number that you will be using as your password.


Instructions to change your password can be found at the following website: http://www.occc.edu/email/password.html


As a student, you have been provided a free e-mail account. Here are 2 ways to access your e-mail:

  1. directly off the OCCC home page OCCC home page under "Login / Student Email",
  2. off the Current Student - WebAdvisor for Students Menu page under "Help and Feedback"

Please call if you continue to experience problems.

Oklahoma City Community College
MineOnline Support
(405) 682-7777 (M-F, 7am-5pm)