OCCC professor gives college and high school students hope for their financial future

Professor Jack Kraettli teaches personal finance course

    (Published: 03-07-18)

OCCC Professor Jack Kraettli

Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) Professor Jack Kraettli knows the importance of personal financial literacy and the life-changing impact it has on students. His financial literacy class has made a difference in the lives of both OCCC students and local high school students and their families.

Financial literacy prepares people for a better life financially and prevents them from experiencing common mistakes that take away from potential wealth. The core contents of Kraettli's class are: earning an income, understanding state and federal taxes, banking and financial services, balancing a checkbook, saving and investing, planning for retirement, understanding loans and borrowing money, understanding interest, credit card debt and online commerce, identity fraud and theft, rights and responsibilities of renting or buying a home, understanding insurance, consequences of gambling, bankruptcy and charitable giving.

"I feel I have reached the capstone of my career," says Kraettli. "I have never felt more rewarded by my work than I do now. When I see the lightbulb go on for these students and they grasp the importance of what they're learning, I know it's making a difference and preparing them for a better future. I truly believe the knowledge is changing their lives."

Kraetlli was certified in August 2017 by the Oklahoma Securities Commission to teach the Students Tracking and Researching the Stock Market (STARS) program. However, Kraetlli has long been invested in the effort to provide financial education to students. Kraettli has been heavily involved with Oklahoma Money Matters through the University of Oklahoma Outreach and the Oklahoma Lender Advisory Council. He has also taught the Financial Literacy Initiative of the Oklahoma Guaranteed Student Loan Program, a division of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE). He still uses many of the materials and classroom procedures that he helped develop during his tenure there.

Professor Kraettli teaches his course at OCCC and concurrently at Southeast High School and U.S. Grant High School with the possible addition of other metro high schools.

Per state legislation passed in 2007, effective in May 2014, Oklahoma high school students must demonstrate an understanding in banking, taxes, investing, loans, insurance, identity theft and eight other areas to graduate. Teachers are required to certify students' working knowledge in each area. Unfortunately, there is a limited number of teachers in the state who are certified to comprehensively teach the subject matter. Professor Kraettli's certification and experience allows OCCC to fill in the gap for local high schools.

For more information about OCCC's Personal Finance class, contact OCCC Division of Business and Information Technology Dean John Claybon at 405-682-7550 or jclaybon@occc.edu.

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