OCCC President Jerry Steward's Statement Regarding Immigration Executive Order

    (Published: 01-30-2017)

The campus of OCCC

Students, Faculty and Staff, 

President Trump’s recent executive order regarding immigration has caused concern, particularly for those from the seven countries named in the executive order.  I have asked that students who may be affected by the executive order be contacted and assured of OCCC’s support.  The full impact of the executive order remains unclear, but it is obvious it is having a significant impact on international travel to and from the seven countries named in the order, and perhaps other international travel.  I encourage all students who may be affected by the order to avoid international travel, if possible, at least until additional information is available.

All students are important to Oklahoma City Community College.  International students, in particular, add much to the fabric of our college.  The opportunity to know, understand, and become friends with those of different countries and cultures is a significant advantage to American students.  When international students return to their native countries, hopefully, they maintain the contacts and friends from their time in the United States.  This results in better relationships and enhances cooperation and good will throughout the world. 

OCCC welcomes and values our international students.  We support them and are pleased they chose to attend OCCC.  It is hoped the executive order will not reduce the opportunity of international students from any country to attend OCCC.  This is a time for students, faculty, and staff in the OCCC community to support all our students.

Jerry L. Steward