Simulation and Nursing Campus Laboratory Forms


For Faculty Use Only:

Campus Lab and/or Clinical Referrals for Remediation

Please submit a lab referral form for any student who requires support (may be clinical and/or campus laboratory) though the Nursing Campus Laboratory. Referrals may be made for clinical and/or campus laboratory performance.


Campus Laboratory Absence/Make-Up

The course Team Leader will communicate all campus laboratory make-ups to the Health Professions/Nursing Simulation Lab Coordinator. Campus laboratory absences must be scheduled and completed within one week from the date of the absence per the OCCC Nursing Program Student Handbook. Student and make-up information may be communicated to the Simulation and Nursing Campus Laboratory Coordinator using the lab make-up form (desktop icon or Acrobat form).


Scheduled Laboratories and/or Simulations

All scheduled laboratories, classroom set-up and equipment removal requests are submitted via the Microsoft Outlook® calendar using the appropriate template.

A minimum of 2 weeks is required for scheduling of labs and/or simulations to allow for planning and preparation.