Political Socialization

·        Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam


Readings #1

·      Edmund Burke’s Revolution in France (read the paragraph in the middle of pg. 60).
On Liberty by John Stuart Mill (Read passages I.9 & I.10).
On Liberty by John Stuart Mill (Read passages II.21 & I.22).


 Readings #2 (War on Terror)

·        Anti-Terrorist Legislation: Threat to Civil Liberties or Constitutional Shield

·        Granting Habeas Corpus to Terrorist Suspects (#18 in Rourke)


Readings #3 (Affirmative Action)

·        Affirmative Action Creates Reverse Discrimination by Steven Yates*

·        Affirmative Action Does Not Create Reverse Discrimination by Nancy Stein*

·        Affirmative Action Allows Minorities to Compete Fairly by Hector Flores*

·        Affirmative Action is Racist by K.L. Billingsley*


Readings #4 (Medicinal Marijuana)

·        Federal Regulation of Medical Marijuana (#2 in Rourke)

·        Marijuana Should Be Legalized by Keith Stroup*

·      Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized by Bob Barr (2001)* (Be careful here because Barr has a couple of additional articles dealing with Marijuana)


Readings #5 (Same Sex Marriage)

·        Amending the Constitution to Bar Gay Marriage

·        Society Should Allow Same-Sex Marriage by Alec Walen*

·        Society Should Not Allow Same-Sex Marriage by Burman Skrable*


Readings #6 (Criminal Justice Policy)

·        The Death Penalty: Fatally Flawed or Defensible? (#16 in Rourke)

·        Innocent People Have Been Executed by Michael Radelet & Bedau*

·        Innocent People Have Not Been Executed by James Torr and Laura Egdendorf*


Readings #7 (Social Inequality)

·        Statement From Eight Alabama Clergymen

·        Letter From Birmingham Jail by Dr. Martin Luther King


o   Readings #8 (Reparation of African Americans)
Reparations For African Americans: Overdue Justice or Illogical and Unconstitutional (#4 in Rourke)
The U.S. Government Should Pay Reparations to Black for Slavery by Randall Robinson*
The U.S. Government Should Not Pay Reparations to Blacks for Slavery by E.R. Shipp*
Americans Must Honor Their Debt to African Americans by Christopher Hitchens *
Americans Have Paid Their Debt to African Americans by Karl Zinsmeister*  

*Denotes that the readings have to be accessed from the library's website (www.occc.edu/library) . From the webpage, click on "Opposing Viewpoints." You will immediately be prompted to enter your OCCC username (i.e. jon.s.doe) and password which is typically the month and day of your birthdate. If you have any issues, simply follow the instructions on the screen. You may have to contact tech support, so I would not wait until the last minute to attempt to access these readings because you may run into an issue after tech support has closed for the day. Once you are logged in to "Opposing Viewpoints," click on the specific topic (i.e. Affirmative Action, Slavery Reparations, Death Penalty, etc.). From there, type in the author's last name in the "Quick Search" Find box on the left. This will pull up the articles by that particular author. This is the easiest method to find articles by the specific author. If for some reason you are not able to pull up the article by searching the last name, you may have to search key words within the title of the article (i.e. innocent people, affirmative action, illegal immigrants, etc.). All of these articles are listed and can be accessed so please do not tell me that you were not able to retrieve them.