Finding the Subject (3)(Key)

Circle the subject in these sentences. Remember the subject is the who or what word.

  1. Searching carefully, LeAnne found the missing handout in the wrong drawer.
  2. Driving in Nashville traffic would try anyoneís patience.
  3. Often arriving late for work, Joe was actually early today.
  4. The teacher between Mark and Amanda is Dr. Black.
  5. Children with red hair and freckles appeal to me.
  6. Your boarding pass and ticket must be presented at the gate.
  7. Digging through her purse, Celeste found her Passion Pink lipstick.
  8. The door at the end of the hall leads to the faculty lounge.
  9. By October, 1800 women were notified of the change.
  10. Can you work for Charles on Thursday?
  11. The man and woman walked briskly toward the end of the pier.
  12. Reading books for class is Altonís favorite way to spend the weekend.
  13. His dog and my cat always sleep together in Plutoís doghouse.
  14. Just in case you arrive early, you need to remember this password.
  15. Margaret tells the most interesting stories.
  16. Of all the desserts in the cafeteria, the chocolate mousse is the best.
  17. The dry, cracked pipes will have to be replaced before we buy new carpet.