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Choosing  A Topic


One of the hardest things for students is picking a topic. While there are literally millions of topics in the world, coming up with one you feel comfortable with can be quite challenging.


You may choose any topic you like. However, here are some sample topics you may feel free to use. If none of these topics works for you, feel free to do the scientific method.  On a piece of paper, list about twenty topics you feel would be worthy of argument. Cut each of them out, so you have twenty pieces of paper, each with one topic written on it. Put all of them in a hat, paper bag, food container, etc. Then, shake the container. Finally, close your eyes; reach in, and choose out one. That is your topic.  Whatever you do, try choose your topic early. The earlier you complete this task, the sooner you’ll be able to move on.


Feel Free to use any of these topics—click on the links to go to research about them.

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Topics for Writing
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Bioethics ethics in Life Sciences

Assisted Suicide

Cloning Research

Genetic Testing


Computing Issues the social implications

Intellectual Property & Piracy

Cybercrime and Privacy


Constitutional Issues our rights under the Constitution

Electoral College System

Gun Control

The Death Penalty


Social Concerns quality of life

Animal Rights
Gay Marriages

Privatization of Social Security


Education Issues our public schools
         Testing to Improve Educational Standards
         Reforming Education through Student Centered Schools
         School Choice - charter schools & vouchers

         Intercollegiate Athletics and Ethics