Remember that as a citizen and journalist you have the rights to many, many public documents including but not limited to accident and fire reports; death, marriage and other certificates; some state and government employee records; police and other municipal service records, and a humongous slew of others.  The best thing for you to do as a journalist is to become aware of the Oklahoma State Open Records and Meetings Acts, so you know what information you may and may not reasonably request and get.




How Much Should I know for this Class?


As this unit deals specifically with covering a traffic fatality, Click the Link Below to Read and Learn more about the Open Records Act as it relates to accident and crime stories




What if they don’t want to give it up?


Sometimes you’ll go to the gatekeeper for the records you need and have a right to, but that person, for whatever reason, thinks he/she is above the law. He/she will tell you that the records won’t be turned over.


Well, hen asking just isn’t enough, use the link below to use a FORM LETTER requesting public documents be released to you:


If the letter doesn’t convince them, threaten or file a lawsuit.




So what record do you need for this fatality story?


Click on the correct link below, and you’ll be taken to it:


I don’t know


State Employee Records


A hospital report


Railroad Employee Records