Online Quizzes
1. Journalism History
2. The Final Frontier
3. Usage
4. AP Style
5. U.S. History
6. World War II
7. Geography 
8. Literature
9. Etymology
10. Music
11. Math
12. Military
13. Weapons
14. Books
15. The Art Dept.
16. Fine Arts
17. The Bible
18. World Leaders
19. Headlines+Timelines
20. American Indians
21. Business I
22. African History


23. African Geography
24. Math II
25. China
26. Editing II
27. Weather
28. Books II
29. Europe
30. U.S. History II
31. The Middle East
32. Measure by Measure
33. Pick a Word...
34. ...Not Just Any Word
35. World History I 
36. World Geography II
37. The Campaign Trail
38. U.S. Presidents
39. Books III
40. Southern Africa
41. Personal Technology
42. Food
43. A Collective
44. U.S. Geography


45. American Revolution
46. Who's Who
47. Parts of Speeches
48. Words Is Words
49. Iraq
50. Muslims and Hindus
51. Weather II
52. Science I
53. Walsh Parallel Universe
54. Avast Oceans
55. SCOTUS Among Us
56. Myth-Takes
57. Global Capital
58. Shooting Straight
59. Wine
60. The Script...
61. Journalism History II
62. To Infinity and Beyond
63. World History II
64. The Script, Scene II... 
65. Yo, Canada! 
66. Middle East II
67. 100 Years of Flight

    Welcome to our venture into interactive training and testing. We offer a series of multiple-choice and other quizzes, of varying levels of difficulty, designed to test your knowledge in several categories.
    Quizzes are not a substitute for enrolling in a good course in the topic, or reading a newspaper, magazine or book, or having personal experience with the subject. But we believe they are helpful, serving up some information and telling users what they know or don't know about a topic.
    The quiz project is in its early stages so please bear with us. We're doing our best to head off errors, but mistakes can creep in, so let us know if you see a problem.
Many thanks to those who helped check material, especially to board member Sue Blair, Paul Ybarrondo of the Orange County Register and Dolf Els of Media24 in Capetown, South Africa.
    Contributors of entire quizzes are acknowledged on the appropriate pages, and questions about the content should be directed to them when possible. If you have suggestions for quizzes,  we  want to hear from you. If you would like to produce a quiz to offer ACES, try this site.
We have also added some fun material, mostly downloadable files. While the files were scanned for viruses, you should always check before installing them. We do not provide technical support for these files but hope you have some fun with them. Note that files marked .hqx are for Macs. ...Thanks for coming by.

 Pam Robinson

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