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The purpose of this course is to help you strengthen your writing skills in ways which will help you prepare for success in all college courses which have a writing component. While you will be spending much of your time in this course mastering concepts of grammar and mechanics, this is not a grammar course. Rather, it is a writing course. Youíll be writing every day in this class, and often outside of class.




Much of the time youíll be learning how to write complete and concise sentences and paragraphs by writing about subjects you find interesting and about things which matter in your life. Donít be afraid to express yourself or share information about your unique world in your writings. Remember, youíre very important to me. I do want to know about whatever you want to share.



What youíll gain from CWI:


In addition to writing daily, youíll be gaining a more clear understanding of mechanics (where does a comma go?) and grammar (whatís a preposition, and why canít I end my sentence in one?) for the next sixteen weeks. Think of this as time to gain knowledge which may put you head and shoulders above many other college students when it comes to writing. Many students claim they feel more confident about their success in future writing classes, and most claim that the knowledge learned through College Writing 1 has made a world of difference in their other courses.


Remember that Iím always here to assist you. Letís work together to make this the best semester youíve had. Good luck!


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