Our Weimaraner foster puppy Bernie is an odd and funny looking dog. The first odd thing one would notice about him are his large, light colored eyes. One is blue and the other is green, and they offer a penetrating gaze that causes you to wonder what he is thinking about.  Another odd feature are his Dumbo-like ears that envelop his long thin face, They are warm, soft, and fuzzy and resemble an old, worn baby blanket. When he hears a strange noise, they curve toward his face as though he’s a little old lady who’s hiding behind curtains. Also strange is the coloring of fur. His ears are a much lighter shade of gray than the rest of his body; therefore, Bernie’s forehead appears older than the rest of him. Down slightly, his muzzle has a sparse amount of course white whiskers, and he has a big wet black nose which is shaped more like a butt than a nose. From it stretches his jagged looking and shiny coat which has silver highlights and the feel of velvet. Perhaps his funniest feature, yet, is his nub of a tail. It moves back and forth like windshield wipers--sometimes it will move fast, like wipers do on a day when it rains very hard, and at other times, it has a slow wag like an old hot dog cart rolling down a hill.  No doubt, it shows his state of contentment.  Furthermore, his strange legs are long, thin, and resemble a chimpanzee.  His front legs are longer than his back legs, so he looks as though he’s walking downhill all the time. Also, weird is that attached to these skinny, extra long legs, he has huge webbed paws. I believe you could actually paint his toe nails since his toes are so long.  Finally, his strangeness culminates in the fact that he is somewhat of a contortionist. He can easily squeeze his long, skinny body into all different shapes, and you can sometimes find him standing on his head or performing somersaults.  All in all, Bernie is happy, loving and has many talents, but he sure is an odd and funny looking dog.