Quick College Orientation


Here’s some information every new college student needs to know.

The Lingo

What is a GPA?

GPA stands for "grade point average". To compute your GPA, first multiply the credit hours for each course by the grade assigned (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0). These are your "quality points". Next, divide the quality points by your total credit hours. Here is an example:

Hours        Grade   Quality Points
  4      x     A     (4 points) =16
  3      x     B     (3 points) = 9
  4      x     C     (2 points) = 8
  4      x     D     (1 point)  = 4
  3      x     F     (0 points) = 0
______                          ______
 18                                   37

Total quality points/hours attempted = GPA 37/18 = 2.06 GPA

Who are the faculty?

At the college level, your instructors are referred to as members of the faculty.

What is plagiarism?

To plagiarize is to take the ideas or writings of another and present them as one's own. Plagiarism is a serious offense in an academic environment. Consequences of cheating and plagiarism are described in the OKCCC Handbook.

What is a prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a course requirement that must be met prior to taking another course. For example, the prerequisite for Engl 1213 (Composition and Literature) is ENGL 1113 (English Composition). This means you must have taken English Composition before you can enroll in Composition and Literature..

What is probation?

A student is placed on academic probation if the student's cumulative grade point average falls below the established minimum which follows:

Credit Hours Attempted   Cumulative GPA
        10-19                 1.50
        20-29                 1.60
        30-39                 1.70
        40-49                 1.80
        50-59                 1.95
        60 or above        2.00

Notification of academic probation is provided on grade report forms and via a letter of notification. Students on academic probation are strongly encouraged to schedule an appointment with a counselor to develop a plan to resolve their academic difficulties.

What is a professor?

Professor is the highest rank for college teachers here. At some schools, they are sometimes called "full professor" to distinguish it from associate professor and assistant professor. 

What is an adjunct professor?

Adjunct professor is the title of an instructor who teaches on a part-time, per-course basis for the college. Often they are restricted from teaching more than two or three courses for OKCCC per semester. While they are not awarded full-time status, they work as hard as full-time professors to provide quality instruction and deserve as much respect as any member of the teaching staff at OKCCC.

What is a semester?

A semester (sometimes called a "term") is one-half of an academic year. The semester system divides a school year into two parts, usually a fall and a spring term of 16 weeks each.

What is a syllabus?

A syllabus is summary or outline distributed by an instructor that states the main topics to be discussed in the course. It usually includes deadlines for assignments, class policies, and grade standards.  

What is a transcript?

A transcript is an official record of your academic history. It shows the courses you have taken, grades received in those courses, and your semester and cumulative grade point averages.


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** A Special thanks to Owens Community College, Toledo Ohio, for permission to use portions of their oriention page found at http://www.owens.edu/index.html