The Persuasion Essay


Module Eleven Objectives

The purpose of this module is to teach you the techniques required to write an essay, using persuasion to convince a reader that a particular opinion is desirable; then, using the criteria listed below, you will write an essay of approximately 300-500 words (Writing Assignment #6) that demonstrates the proper use of persuasive techniques to support the thesis statement). This module will also instruct you in the proper use of apostrophes, and you will take an apostrophe test.

Topic: Choose a topic from page 165-221 in Evergreen.

The Persuasive Essay (Writing Assignment #6) should meet the following criteria:

  1. a topic that has been narrowed for consideration of the writerís audience and purpose (What do you, as the writer, want to convince your reader? Pages 159-160)
  2. an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement that clearly states the issue to be discussed and the writerís position on that issue (pages 169-177 and pages 217-221)
  3. well-developed body paragraphs which support the thesis sentence and demonstrate the proper use of persuasive techniques to support the thesis statement (pages 157-162 and 177-181)
  4. each body paragraph has a topic sentence that states the main idea of that paragraph (Part C, pages 177-181), and all the sentences in the body paragraphs support their topic sentences and discuss only the one point of the body paragraph
  5. all paragraphs follow a logical order (pages 184-189)
  6. contains a variety of sentence structures such as simple, complex, and compound (Refer to chart on page 353)
  7. a variety of sentence beginnings (pages 283-311)
  8. sentences are coherent in that they move smoothly from one idea to another with the use of transitions (page 152)
  9. as concluding paragraph that signals the end of the essay, or leaves the reader with a final thought, and provides closure to the essay (pages 225-227)
  10. contains no errors with fragments (pages 362-373), comma splices/run-ons (pages 358-362), and subject/verb agreement (pages 374-384), pronouns (pages 413-426), commas (pages 450-459), adjective/adverbs (pages 435-442), apostrophes (pages 443-449), past tense (pages 385-393(, spelling, punctuation, or usage, and uses no slang, idioms, or clichés (pages 321-323)
  11. a title that suggests the subject of the essay or catches the readerís attention (pages 227-229)
  12. Submit your paper in the required manuscript form. This paper must be word-processed.