The Magic of Memories


Everybody has a story. I'm of the opinion that our past shapes our future. It amazes me to think where I might be today if I hadn't done some of the things I've done or not met some of the wonderful people who've helped me shaped my life. A great quote sums up my philosophy, "Every day that I draw breath, is yet another opportunity to continuously create myself."Of course, my memory is so poor that I canít remember where I lifted the quote, but I find it true.


So what about you?Iím sure somewhere in your life you did something or met someone who altered your life path. Maybe it was that time when you were in fifth grade and first got drunk on Sloí Gin with the group you played street football with. That event caused you to swear off the strong stuff forever.Or, maybe getting picked up by the cops for throwing a mannequin off the Grand Ave. overpass and into oncoming traffic caused you to re-evaluate playing practical jokes. Still, maybe you learned a valuable lesson about what a bad idea it is to move in with a best friends that day when you came home and found your living situation had been turned into War Of The Roses, and your best friend had wiped Poison Ivy on your toilet seat.Whatever the event, it is important enough to write about. It shaped who you are, and you should do it justice by chronicling it.


But Why Write?


There are three main reasons for writing about memories. And without turning all Dr. Phil on you, they are:


To come to grips with a past event.


Sometimes something happens in our life that is just too horrible to think about. So, we bury it in the back of our minds. However, after a while, itís sure to manifest itself, and weíll have to deal with it. Writing about memories helps us speed up the process. It helps us embrace our pasts, so we can move into the future with a little less baggage.


To teach others a lesson.


When I was growing up in Iowa, I sure wish someone had been around to recall his memory about the negative effects of urinating in rural areas. But, I had to learn the hard way to watch out for modern technology when I met up with an electric fence while relieving myself. Without getting into much more detail, letís just say that recalling a memory and expressing it in written form could teach people a valuable lesson, so they donít have to learn it the hard way.


To bond with others.


If youíve ever felt all alone and like no one has ever gone through what youíve gone through, recalling your memories could help. Humans engage in story telling (memory sharing) all the time. We often think itís fun, and sometimes we walk away with new or stronger friendships because of the practice.Telling your memories helps the reader realize that he/she is not all alone in this great big world, which is seen as a requirement for a more fulfilled life.

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