Memory Writing


Like millions of Americans, I keep a journal in which I write recollections and reflections of my life. And, like millions of Americans, I find it a very therapeutic way of embracing emotions and coming to grips with events that have shaped my world. Itís cheaper than therapy, and itís easier than driving over to a friendís house to giving him a good, swift kick for being so stupid.


If you keep a journal or do any sort of daily chronicles, you too may understand the powerful effects of writing about your memories. You may even hide a dusty cardboard box full of torn spiral notebooks in the back of your closet. Often, the memory books go unnoticed, but you know theyíre old friends who you revisit on lonely winter days or at times when you need to reconnect with your past.


If this doesnít sound like you, this next unit could help you begin the process of connecting with yourself.This unit is Remembering.

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