The Illustration Paragraph


Module Seven Objectives

The purpose of this module is to teach you three ways to support the topic sentence in an Illustration Paragraph: (1) a topic sentence supported by only one detailed example, (2) a topic sentence supported by two or more examples, (3) a topic sentence supported by a narrative. You will write an Illustration Paragraph (Writing Assignment #3) that demonstrates the proper use of one of these ways of supporting the topic sentence and fulfills the criteria given below. Also, in your own writing and/or in writing samples provided, you will identify and correct subject/verb (present tense) agreement errors; you must also achieve at least 70% accuracy on a subject/verb (present tense) agreement test.

Topic: Choose a topic from page 75 in Evergreen.

The Illustration Paragraph should meet the following criteria:

  1. a topic sentence that makes a general statement to introduce the subject of the paragraph (page 67)
  2. at least six supporting sentences that are unified and use an example, or examples, or tells a narrative (pages 67-70), to support the topic sentence
  3. coherent sentences that move smoothly from one idea to another through the use of transitions (page 69)
  4. a variety of sentence beginnings, at least two underlined and labeled (pages 283-311)
  5. contains no errors with fragments (pages 362-373), comma splices/run-on sentences (pages 358-362), subject/verb (present tense) agreement (pages 374-384), past tense (pages 385-393, (adjectives/adverbs (pages 435-442), and contains no slang, idioms, or clichés (pages 321-323)
  6. at least two compound and complex sentences, which must be underlined and labeled (Refer to the chart on page 353)
  7. Submit paper in the required manuscript form

Learning Activities