Welcome to Engl 1213!


Dear Students:

Welcome to Engl 1213 English Composition and Literature (Composition II) I am so glad youíve joined us and have agreed to take this adventure with me. Hopefully by the end of the course, youíll be saying, "I'm glad I took this course!"

Before I tell you about the course, Iíd like to tell you something about yourself that you may not already know: YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER! Thatís right; you are. However, if youíre like me, you were probably tricked ďback in the dayĒ by a red-pen-wielding English teacher who wanted nothing more than to make you think you were less than adequate. She may have smacked your hands, tugged on your ear, or she might have even drawn several large, block-styled Fís onto a paper or two of yours. Those same things happened to me, and they deceived me for years into thinking I was a lousy writer. Well, now itís time to face up to the truthó-YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER. Itís true! Believe it! Need proof? Read on.

I believe the main goal behind writing is getting a message from your head or your heart into another personís head or heart. I bet youíve done that on many occasions through writing resumes, love notes, letters to Aunt Frieda, I.O.Uís to the power company, etc. If youíve ever done anything similar, YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER! Congratulations!

So, now itís time to practice believing it, too. Take out a sheet of paper, and write the following line, ďI Am A Good Writer!Ē Feels odd? Then repeat the process over and over until you believe it. ďI am a good Writer!Ē Thatís better. ďI AM A GOOD WRITER!Ē Yeah!

What I hope to do over the span of the course is to help you springboard from being a good writer into becoming a GREAT WRITER. Weíll do that together by reading and responding to literature and mastering techniques you can use in all courses and in all future writing situations. This course is all about you, your world and your future. Itís one designed to meet you at whatever writing level youíre at, and help you reach whatever goals you have set. So, set your hopes high, and let me help you help yourself.

Again, welcome to Engl 1213. Iím here for you!

Mark A. Schneberger
Professor of English / Multicultural English

Oklahoma City Community College



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