The Comparison and/or Contrast Paragraph


Module Eight Objectives

The purpose of this module is to teach you the correct way to write a Comparison and/or Contrast paragraph by supporting the topic sentence in one of two ways, either the (1) AB method or (2) the AB-AB-AB method, and by providing your reader parallel information. After instruction on comparison and contrast, you will write a paragraph that fulfills the criteria listed below.

This module will also teach you the correct use of pronouns. You should achieve at least 70% accuracy on the pronoun test.

Topic: Use the topics located on page 126 or 131. The Comparison/Contrast Paragraph should meet the following criteria:

  1. a topic sentence that clearly states whether a comparison, contrast, or comparison and contrast will follow (pages 115-118, 119-121 and 127-129)
  2. at least six supporting statements written in the "AB" or "AB-AB-AB" method and contain parallel information (pages 118-123)
  3. unified sentences in that they are all concerned with supporting the topic sentence and coherent in that they move smoothly from one idea to another through the use of transitions (page 120)
  4. contains no errors with fragments (pages 362-373), comma splices/run-on sentences (pages 358-362), subject/verb agreement (pages 374-384), pronouns (pages 413-426), adjective/adverbs (pages 435-442), or past tense (pages 385-393), contain no slang, idioms, or clichés (pages321-323), or spelling, punctuation, or usage errors
  5. at least two compound and two complex sentences, underlined and labeled (Refer to chart on page 353), and at least two varied sentence beginnings, underlined and labeled (pages 283-311)
  6. Submit your paper in the required manuscript form