MyWay, the OCCC navigation app

For several years, the office of Marketing and Public Relations has looked for a way to display our campuses accurately and clearly on the college website. A project begun last spring has addressed this. Named MyWay, visitors to our campus – students, prospective students, members of the community – can use it to locate buildings, rooms and offices on the main campus, the FACE center, and the Professional Development Institute. And when the new Capitol Hill Center comes online, it will be incorporated into the system.
“The product we are using provides the visitor with detailed information about our college campuses and buildings. Users can control the navigation of the campus themselves, whether on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. With this product, the days of students needing help locating their classrooms at the beginning of the semester can come to an end. They have the power in their own hands,” said John Richardson, Supervisor of Web Development and Social Media.

Main Campus!ct/6602,6630,7611?mc/35.387642,-97.569481?z/18

FACE Center!ct/7611,6630,6602?mc/35.39962192001306,-97.57065580754852?z/19

Professional Development Institute!ct/7611,6630,6602?mc/35.39455652672325,-97.49403314262008?z/20

Capitol Hill Center

(Coming Soon)