Library Terms

A short summary of an article or a book.

An essay written by one or more authors published in a magazine, journal or a book.

A list of publications (articles or books) on a subject.

Call number
A unique number given to each item in the library collection which indicates its location on the shelves.

A brief reference to an item-such as article, book or website-which gives facts identifying it.

A standardized collection of electronic records.

Books with full text electronically transmitted through computer networks and which can be used online.

Full text
The entire content of a magazine article or a book is available in electronic format.

A patron can request that a circulating book be held upon its return. Hold books are kept at the circulation desk.

Interlibrary Loan
Library borrows materials from other libraries for the patrons.

A research tool that lets you find specific information within magazines and books.

Periodical written on a single topic and contains signed articles reporting original research.

LC system
It is a classification system devised to organize library materials (books or AV) by subject so they can be found.

Publication that is geared towards a general reading audience and contains articles of popular interest.

One or several pieces of film which contain entire issues of a regular magazine or journal.

Reference Section
Materials such as dictionaries, directories, handbooks, encyclopedias, etc. kept separately. These materials do not circulate.

A collection of high demand books and AV materials kept behind the circulation desk.

Search engine
A software used to retrieve information from a different databases.

"Uniform Resource Locator" the address of a file on the Internet, e.g.