CHEM 0220 Laboratory

Fall 2010


General Policies

Goggle Policy




·         The clothes you wear to lab must cover your torso and legs and feet entirely.  From the lab safety rules:

“ a shirt with sleeves that covers the shoulders and entire torso and either pants or a skirt that covers the entire leg.  Tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, midriff shirts, shorts, and short dresses are not acceptable.  In general, wearing a T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes will be appropriate to meet the lab safety rules.” 

 “Shoes that cover the entire foot, including the toes, the top of the foot, and the heel must be worn at all times in the chemistry laboratory.  Sandals, flip-flops, slippers, Crocs®, and other open shoes are not permitted in the chemistry lab area.

More General Policies


Lab Grades - 130 points

·      There are 13 lab exercises worth 10 points each. 
·      Lab reports (data sheets) will be submitted to your lab instructor who will grade the reports.  The lab instructor will forward your lab grades to your lecture instructor at the end of the semester for use in determining your final grade.
·      Pass/fail requirement:  You must complete and receive a grade of at least 2 points on 11 of the 13 labs in order to pass Chem 1215.

There will be one week in the semester that may be used to make up a missed lab, and we strongly advise you to complete all 13 labs and reports.  Make-up labs are late labs and will be penalized 5 pts.


Please understand that the lab grade consists of 130 points.  If you choose not to make up a lab, that lab grade will be a zero. 

Lab Report Due Dates


         Labs are due at the start of the following pre-lab period.  Late labs and make-up labs will be assessed a five point penalty.  Labs that are turned in after start of the pre-lab period will be considered late, regardless of the reason.  

Lab Report Grading Criteria
·      To receive full credit, all questions on the data sheet must be answered, appropriate calculations must be shown on the data sheet or on attached sheets of paper (as specified in the lab instructions), results must be within the expected range, and all calculations should be done according to the rules for significant figures.
·      You can lose points on labs according to the following criteria:


         Note:  It would be relatively easy to fall below the 2 point minimum required for passing this class if you submit an incomplete data sheet with a few calculation errors and poor results or incorrect responses to questions.  Submitting a late lab means that you should take extra care in making sure the lab is complete and your calculations are correct so that you do not fall below the 2 point minimum.



Formal Lab Reports – 15 points each


         You are expected to INDEPENDENTLY write and submit two formal lab reports during the semester.  Your instructor will identify the specific lab for which each formal report is required and will provide you with the format for the formal lab report.  Each formal lab is worth 15 points.