General Chemistry Tutorials


Chem 1115

1. Scientific Notation

Part 1-Converting from Standard (Decimal) Notation to Scientific Notation

Part 2-Converting from Scientific Notation to Standard Notation

2. Significant Figures

Significant Figures Tutorial

Arithmetic and Significant Figures Tutorial

3. Dimensional Analysis

Dimensional Analysis Using One Conversion Factor

Dimensional Analysis Using Two or More Conversion Factors

4. Names and Formulas of Ionic Compounds

Naming Ionic Compounds

Writing Formulas for Ionic Compounds

5. Stoichiometry

Finding molar mass

Using molar mass in calculations

Finding and using molar ratios

Using "THE MAP" to solve stoichiometry problems involving mass and moles.

6. Metathesis Reactions

Predicting Products of Precipitation Reactions

Predicting Products of Acid/Base Reactions

7. Complete Ionic and Net Ionic Equations

Writing Complete Ionic and Net Ionic Equations

8. Oxidation Numbers

Assigning Oxidation Numbers

Identifying the Element Oxidized or Reduced

Identifying the Oxidizing and Reducing Agent

9. Molarity

Calculating Molarity

Using Molarity to Find Moles, Mass, or Volume

Solution Stoichiometry



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