Meeting Schedule of the Curriculum Committee


  • All meetings begin at 3:00 PM in Library room 407 A. 
  • The Curriculum Committee timeline calls for each division to complete their major curriculum changes in the fall. Spring meetings should be used for small changes.
  • The time allowed for each meeting is 90 minutes.  Any agenda not completed during this allotted time must be tabled for another meeting.

August 25- Informational Meeting

September 15-Consider proposals from the Health Professions Division

September 29- Consider proposals from the Social Sciences Division

October 13-Consider proposals from the Business and Information Division

October 27-Consider proposals from the Arts Division

November 10-Consider proposals from the English and Humanities Division

November 17-Consider proposals from the Mathematics, Engineering, and Physical Sciences Division

December 1-Consider proposals from the Chemistry and Biological Sciences Division

January 26-Consider proposals from Health Professions and the Social Sciences Divisions

February 9-Consider proposals from Business and Information Technology and the Arts Divisions

February 23-Consider proposals from English and Humanities and the Mathematics, Engineering, and Physical Sciences Divisions

March 9-Consider proposals from the Chemistry and Biological Sciences Division 

The following timeline has been set to allow for divisions and department to plan ahead. Questions? Contact Catherine Kinyon (x 7233)