Professional Development

ClassroomThe Mission: Enhancing the student experience through the recruitment, professional development and retention of key talent. The professional development efforts are focused.  This is due to an understanding that the education, training and leadership development of our employees assist the College in meeting the key initiatives outlined in the strategic plan.

Professional development is not just a curriculum or a one-time training session; it is an ongoing process of personal and professional growth that is unique to each individual employee at OCCC. The Human Resources Department offers a system of opportunities developed to set the stage for individual and organizational success. Opportunities for focused learning create the links between OCCC employees and the organization. It is an investment that OCCC makes in each employee. The intended result is an employee who accesses learning opportunities that promote success in the work, an employee who is engaged in the work and an employee who understands why the work is important to the mission and vision of OCCC. To learn more about who we are and what we offer, please explore these pages of information. If you are interested in customized training for your team or department, contact us for a personal consultation.