Student and Instructor Frequently Asked Questions

What are the academic requirements for an Honors Contract?

The student and instructor will create a project which is:

  • Challenging
  • Develops a deeper understanding or application of the course material
  • Requires the use of critical thinking skills
  • The expectation of procedures and outcomes of the project is clear
  • The results of the project are clearly measurable
  • Has at least one component that is a written summary of the project

Why are the requirements for the project so broad?

Each academic area has its own unique opportunity for the development of a project for an Honors Contract. One size or project does not fit all. Each academic area has the freedom and responsibility to development meaningful projects.

Does writing a research paper qualify?

Yes. However, the design of the paper must be such that all of the above requirements are met. It must, therefore, be a synthesis, analysis, or extension of the course material. If a research paper is the only component of the Honors Contract, the length is a minimum of five pages not including the references page.

Where do we get an Honors Contract?

The student may pick up an Honors Contract, one can be delivered to the instructor, or it can be sent as an attachment to the student or instructor.

When is the deadline for turning in an Honors Contract?

The deadline is by the end of the fourth week in a sixteen-week semester and by the end of the second week in an eight-week semester.

Can a contract be developed for an online class?

Yes. Once again, the design of the project must meet Honors Contract requirements.

Do Honors Contracts have to be approved?

Yes. The student, instructor, and Honors Program Coordinator must all agree that the project merits Honors credit. All three signatures must be on the contract before actual work on the contract may begin. The Honors Program Coordinator will return the approved Honors Contract to the student and instructor.

How does a student receive Honors Credit for the course?

If the student fulfills the Honors Contract and completes the course with an A or B, the instructor will complete a Grade Verification Sheet and return it to the Honors Program Coordinator. At this point, the Honors Program Coordinator will inform Admission and Records that the student should have an Honors Designation of "H" placed next to that course on the student's transcript.

What if a student is unable to fulfill the requirements of the Honors Contract?

A student is not penalized for not completing an Honors Contract. The student may still make an A or B in the course. However, no Honors Designation will be given for the course.

May a student request an incomplete for an Honors Contract?

No. All work for an Honors Contract must be completed during the semester it was written.

May a student request an Honors Contract after the deadline date in a semester?

No. The deadline is in place to ensure ample time to the student and instructor to design and then fulfill the requirements of a meaningful Honors project.

Do Honors Credit transfer?

Yes. However, this is directly and uniquely tied to each college/university. For example, the University of Oklahoma will accept only 9 Honors Credits. Oklahoma State University will accept 15. The student must also qualify and then apply to the Honors Program of the transferring institution.

May concurrently enrolled high school students be in the Honors Program and work with Honors Contracts?

Yes. However, the high school student must qualify for the Honors Program. In addition, the Concurrent Student should successfully finish one semester of college-level work before requesting an Honors Contract.