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Changes to the OCCC Degree Plan

ENGR 2002 “Professional Development” will no longer be offered at OCCC.  ENGR 2002 has been replaced by ENGR 1113 “Intro to Engineering” in the OCCC Engineering AS degree plan.  Sections of ENGR 1113 will be offered beginning Fall 2016.  If you have not already completed ENGR 2002, you can still take the course at OU and transfer the credit back to OCCC or you can see me and we can discuss possible course substitutions to complete your AS degree requirements.


Degree Plans (Updated 8/29/17)

OCCC Transfer to OU Aerospace Engineering

OCCC Transfer to OU Architectural Engineering

OCCC Transfer to OU Chemical, Materials, and Biological Engineering

OCCC Transfer to OU Civil Engineering

OCCC Transfer to OU Computer Engineering

OCCC Transfer to OU Electrical Engineering

OCCC Transfer to OU Environmental Engineering

OCCC Transfer to OU Industrial & Systems Engineering

OCCC Transfer to OU Mechanical Engineering

OCCC Transfer to OU Petroleum Engineering


OCCC Transfer to OSU Mechanical Engineering



All files and course content are now on MOODLE!


ENGR 2613 – Electrical Science (Summer and Fall 2016)

Engineering Circuit Analysis, 7th edition

Hayt, Kemmerly, & Durbin


ENGR 2333 – Thermodynamics (Summer and Fall 2016)

Thermodynamics, 5th edition

Moran, Shapiro, Boettner, & Bailey


ENGR 2343 – Fluid Mechanics (Fall 2016)

Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd edition (McGraw-Hill)

Çengel & Cimbala


ENGR 2303 – Materials, Design & Manufacturing Processes (Spring 2017)

Two textbooks required!


Materials Science & Engineering: An Introduction, 6th edition

William D. Callister, Jr.

Wiley (2003)


Manufacturing Engineering & Technology, 6th edition

Kalpakjian & Schmidt

Prentice Hall (2010)





ENGR 1001 – Wind Turbine Project (Summer 2011)

o    Weekly project report form.

o    Project instructions: Homebrew 10' Wind Turbine construction (Arhived version of


Additional links:

o    Home-made axial flux alternator by Steve Fahey

o    Home-made wind turbine by Michael Davis

o    Chispito 100W wind turbine by Vela Creations

o    Homebrew Wind Turbine Construction Seminar, 2006

o    Alternator and Generator Comparison for Wind Power

o    Data for Ametek PM motors

o    Applied Magnets: Cheap source for magnets and wire


Special Projects

·        Keeping a Lab Notebook

·        Stirling Engine Links

o    NEW! Segway Inventor Dean Kamen tackles the Stirling Engine

o   Infinia… solar Stirling engine company

o   Solar Heat Engines: Simulate, analyze, design, build, and test solar-powered engines

o    An Introduction to Stirling-Cycle Machines – David Haywood, University of Canterbury

o    KCET (Los Angeles) TV report about new solar power plants using Stirling Engines

o    News Release: World-record Stirling engine efficiency of 31.25%

o    YouTube: Demonstration of small solar-powered Stirling engine

o    YouTube: Demonstration of Stirling engine used for irrigation

o    Stirling Cycle Machine Analysis Course – Israel Uriele, Ohio University

o    Sunpower: Huge library of technical papers on Stirling devices

o    DOE/NASA Stirling Engine Design Manual (Large pdf file!)

o    Stirling Engine Projects – Koichi Hirata, NMI, Japan

·        Solar Updraft Tower Links

o    Wikipedia: Solar Updraft Tower Overview

o    Design of Commercial Solar Updraft Tower Systems – Schlaich et al.

o    Modeling and Simulation of a Solar Updraft Tower – Gasser

o    Effect of Tower Area Change on the Potential of Solar Tower

o    Journal Article: Solar Chimney Cycle Analysis With System Loss and Solar Collector Performance – Gannon and Backstrom

o    Journal Article: Dynamic Similarity in Solar Chimney Modeling – Koonsrisuk and Chitsomboon

o    YouTube: Pilot Scale Solar Updraft Tower in Spain

·        Biofuels Links

o    Build it Solar’s Biofuels page

o    All Power Lab’s Gasifier Plans

o    FEMA Gasifier Plans

o    SERI Handbook of Biomass Downdraft Gasifier Engine Systems

o    Woodgas (Gasifier) Pickup Truck

·        Robotics Links

o    Quadrotor drones and swarms

o    Festo: aqua-jellyfish and air-jellfish

o    Boston Dynamics: Sand Flea


·        Useful Online Tools

o    Pipe Joint Template Calculator

o    Pipe Schedule Measurements


Becoming a Critic of Your Thinking

Critical Thinking for Engineers

Using Rhetorical Strategies for Persuasion

Engineering Skepticism