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1972 Society


first graduation 

The 1972 Society is a new program to honor donors who support the college with  gifts of  $1,000 or more annually, with at least $500 to be designated to the Greatest Needs fund. Donors may give all of the $1,000 to the Greatest Needs fund or they may restrict half of it to an area of their choice.

There are a variety of benefits offered to members of the 1972 Society:

  • You can give all of your gift as unrestricted, or you can designate half to the area of your choice
  • You’ll be invited to a private reception and provided two tickets for the new “President’s Performance” at the Visual & Performing Arts Center Theater 
  • You’ll also receive invitations to special events on campus
  • You’ll be kept up-to-date with the quarterly “President’s Report” from President

Unrestricted Giving Q&As
What is an unrestricted gift? An unrestricted gift is a very helpful contribution since it allows the College to determine what the "greatest need" is and use unencumbered funds from donors to address the needs. Often, opportunities arise where funds are necessary to accomplish a College priority, but we cannot use state funds for that purpose or that item was not included in the budget.

What are some examples of expenses paid for with unrestricted gifts?  Scholarships, grants, speakers, professional travel, program expenses or any other priority that helps achieve the College's goals could be funded through unrestricted giving. For example, it is anticipated that the new OCCC Food Pantry may receive startup assistance from unrestricted funds. Some expenses of the OCCC Foundation, like paying for our accountant and auditor, are funded through unrestricted giving. 

How can I be assured my gift is used well?  Several reasons, including the fact that unrestricted money is often limited, so it is used sparingly and only for important reasons. All funds administered by the OCCC Foundation are reviewed to ensure they meet all legal and ethical criteria, as well as the policies established by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. The Foundation is audited annually to help ensure that gifts are used appropriately.  


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