Annual Fund

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General Fund - The OCCC Foundation relies on gifts to the general fund to provide the "margin of excellence" which takes our efforts from good to
great. Contributions to this fund support all areas of the College, from tuition, books, program needs in specific educational divisions to cultural programs. General fund gifts are thoughtfully  directed to the areas of greatest need at the College.

Student Scholarship Fund - The OCCC Foundation provides scholarships to students based on merit and need each semester. The need continues to grow every year. In Fiscal Year 2016, the Foundation awarded approximately $90,000 in scholarships to 154 students. 

Donors may contribute to the genral scholarship fund or they may designate their contribution to any of the specific scholarship programs administered by the OCCC Foundation.

Academic Divisions - Each academic division at OCCC utilizes private funding to support the students, faculty and staff in the academic area. Gifts received for academic divisions help support educational programs, equipment, training and other resources needed. You may contribute specifically to the following: 

Donors also may designate their gifts to any academic program within the academic divisions.

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