Facilities Management Administration/Planning is responsible for the effective and efficient administering and managing of all assigned Facilities Management functions and assets.  Facilities Management is one function of a team reporting to the President.

The Facilities Management management team consists of the Executive Director, Director, Building Maintenance and Operations Manager, Building and Campus Services Manager, Material Control - Assets & Production Manager, Project Manager, Project Design Specialist, and Facilities Management Assistant.

Areas of responsibility include:

  1. Day-to-day operations of all aspects of the Facilities Management
  2. Work control (receipt, research, planning, coordinating, execution, and closeout)
  3. Personnel administration
  4. Budgeting, master planning, and strategic planning
  5. Utilities and energy management
  6. Building maintenance (systems, structure, and infrastructure)
  7. Roofs, roads, parking lots, and sidewalks (repair, replacement, and new construction)
  8. Building services (classrooms/office furniture relocation, special College event setups, and other scheduled event setups)
  9. Custodial (in-house and contractual)
  10. Pest control services
  11. Waste management, recycling program, and archive storage.
  12. Landscape and irrigation (in-house and contractual)
  13. Fleet management services (acquisition, repairs, scheduling, and disposal)
  14. Shipping/receiving (incoming, outgoing, and distribution)
  15. Mail services (incoming, outgoing, and distribution)
  16. Inventory (fixed assets, perpetual supplies, and surplus)
  17. Warehousing (perpetual, surplus, and incoming/outgoing materials)
  18. AutoCAD project design
  19. New construction/remodel management, and project management (as owner/operator, as general contractor, and as sub-contractor)
  20. Contracting/bid specifications (for all in-house projects)
  21. ADA accessibility guidelines research and implementation
  22. Room rental reservations
  23. Permanent and temporary campus signage

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Chris Snow Executive Director of Facilities Management
Michael Mondt Director of Facilities Management
Dale Phillips Project Manager
Vacant Project Design Specialist
Jason Edds Facilities Management Assistant